Obinna Ekwuno

Obinna Ekwuno


Senior Software Engineer / Senior Developer Advocate / Senior Technical writer Dubai,UAE

About Me

I am a software engineer with a passion for teaching. My main focus is the frontend and primarily the JAMstack I am passionate about the African tech ecosystem and enjoy writing and listening to poetry. I believe wider conversations can change the world. My focus is on creating engaging, accessible & performant interfaces for humans.

Work Experience

  1. Software Engineer,Developer Experience


    Gatsby Berkeley, California, United States

      • Contribute towards squad initiatives and projects in an engineering capacity, including building new functionality, maintaining and improving existing functionality, testing and leveraging our products,and peer code review.

      • Address community issues and gather feedback on existing product features to incorporate into future work.

      • Level up the squad’s impact on promoting, teaching, and assisting community members in our community and support channels and other venues.

      • Lead developer relations efforts on the squad and determine new metrics-driven efforts to focus on high impact efforts, continuing to leverage blogs, podcasts, videos, streaming, and other media to drive user acquisition and open source community growth.

  2. Software Engineer,Developer Relations

    Gatsby Berkeley, California, United States

    • I have created courses on Jamstack Training, egghead to improve the
      community learning on Gatsby. While exposing Gatsby to more communities
      than they were in previously - Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria.

    • Championing speaking, engaging with other companies on co-marketing
      streams to improve the view of Gatsby as more than a Static site generator
      which directly ties to Q1 goals.

      Moving forward with a content plan on educating developers about Gatsby
      Cloud features such as Incremental builds, CMS integrations. Videos can be
      found on egghead.

      Implement SEO blog post on Third-party blogs to promote Gatsby and its
      features. Tieing to H2 goals. Articles can be found in LogRocket blog
      Completing Q2 goals before the due date, I was tasked with 6 speaking
      engagements and I did 8. Also with Co-marketing I am currently working with
      the GraphQL organization as a mentor for Season of Docs and migrating site to use Gatsby.

      I championed the #100daysofGatsby campaign, which is a way for Gatsby to engage its community through teaching and sharing. The major role I played in this is was hosting Livestream where I had a guest come over and we live coded and solved the week’s challenge

  3. Software Engineer,Learning team

    Gatsby Berkeley, California, United States

    • Creation of original examples and recipes in strategic focus areas: MDX,
      plugins, and themes. Most of the documentation didn’t exist when I got here
      I hit the ground running with this kind of advanced technical material, which
      mapped to a team priority of the plugin workflow, as well as the company
      plugin KPI.

    • Built a VScode Profile for Gatsby code examples in Doc. This was aimed at
      getting a more uniform look for code snippets on the documentation.

    • I worked on making E-commerce consistent across .org also assisted in the
      testing of Tutorials on E-commerce and working with CMS.

    • Validating Contentful and Drupal Guide for cloud doc for Gatsby Cloud

    • Working on Plugin the plugin Authoring workflow which was inline with
      Learning team priorities, I assisted by creating original documentation on
      source plugins and the Maintaining a plugin guide. P.S: A lot of the plugin
      documentation was more of useage and I implemented docs that help people
      build plugins.

    • I also contributed to the GraphQL section of the documentation and closed
      an Issue that was opened in 2018.
      Which was a huge win for Learning and ties to company goals.

    • Many PR reviews and Contributions! – I hit the ground running by reviewing
      a PR and contributing to the repo on my first day contributed to keeping the
      Gatsby open source repo moving with dozens of PR reviews for docs, starters,
      tutorials, and site showcase contributions. This helped offset the workload
      from other team members, balancing the work effectively and contributing to a
      happy developer community. I am currently on rotation

  4. Media Developer Expert


    Cloudinary San Francisco California

    I help to educate developers on amazing concepts like Media accessibility, proper Media management and all things Media by giving talks, sharing articles and having fun while doing so . Open Hack Week

  5. Technical Writer


    LogRocket Boston, Massachusetts

    I write technical articles covering web development best practices, Performance, accessibility and other frontend technologies reaching a large audience on the LogRocket technical blog. Checkout my blog posts

  6. Technical Writer

    Present Navada, Las Vagas

    I write technical articles that cover topics aimed at getting developers started on new technologies and create demos to show actual use cases. Checkout my blogposts



  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript / ES6
  • Gatsby JS
  • GraphQL
  • React
  • Web Accessibility
  • Git


  • English (fluent)
  • Igbo (native)


  • Writing poetry
  • Making pancakes and french toast is my super power.
  • Podcasting
  • Taking Long walks
  • Call of Duty on PS4